Emergency Response Planning


Because Emergency Response Planning is an essential and critical part of any organization’s safety management system, it must be prepared and implemented in compliance with federal and provincial legislation. Therefore, it is best to choose SCS to assist your safety management team in developing, and adjusting your Emergency Response Plan to suit the needs of your work site.

Our team, led by CRSPs, includes staff with over twenty years of experience in designing and developing Safety Management Systems, and includes Emergency Medical Services and Fire Fighter personnel. Furthermore, our Emergency Response Planning experience spans both industrial, urban, and rural environments, allowing for maximum flexibility and utility of Emergency Response Plans for your organization.

As a result, Safety Coordination Services team will develop your Emergency Response Plans to meet provincial, federal, and industry-specific needs. In Addition, our team will work with your Safety Management System and personnel to develop site-specific and company-tailored Emergency Response Plans. Furthermore, our Emergency Response Plan development process will help your company towards COR certification and compliance with legislation.

Always protect your workers, protect your company, protect yourself. Consequently, your Emergency Response Plan will save lives, and your bottom line