Review and revision of your manuals or technical documentation

The paperwork problem

Companies have to keep up with a lot of paperwork and documentation, not only for safety systems, but for related technical documents such as user and maintenance manuals and training guides. The complexity and time involved in keeping these accurate, up to date, and useful for staff can feel overwhelming. This is especially because to do this effectively requires skills in technical writing, editing, and desktop publishing that most office and safety personnel just don’t have. 

You can get help completing and updating all this documentation, whether you want a full gap analysis with recommended edits, or whether you just want to provide the changes yourself and have us implement them and then do straightforward reformatting.

Manuals and documents requiring maintenance

Reach out to us to find out your options for review and revision of any of your current manuals or forms or other technical documentation, such as the following:

  • user and maintenance manuals;
  • SOP manuals;
  • JSA manuals;
  • technical documents and templates such as for engineering standards and specifications, construction execution plans, supply chain management plans, contractor prequalification requirements, etc.; and
  • electronic or printed forms or templates such as daily supervisor field activity reports, SWPs, FLHAs, GD permits, incident/event reports, investigation reports, inspection reports, etc.

​Y​ou don’t have to cope with all this editing and formatting on your own, whether you want the output in plain old Microsoft products or clean and simple PDFs or high end Adobe software, etc.

Click the button below to e-mail about the work you need revised and we’ll discuss how we can make the process simpler for you.