Contract safety supervision

Belts are tight in this economy. Maybe your safety and management divisions have gotten skinnier than they used to be and so your staff are feeling the pinch as well. We can help you ease the workload of safety tasks for your staff with cost-effective contract safety supervision.

SCS can send to your company worksites or facilities the certified safety administrator (CSA), construction safety officer (CSO), national construction safety officer (NCSO), or Canadian registered safety professional (CRSP) for the level of supervision and safety management you require.

Here is a sample of the types of safety supervision they can help you with:

  • observational techniques,
  • certifications of your staff,
  • planned inspections,
  • system and compliance audits,
  • preparation and delivery of information sessions on health and safety topics during site inspections,
  • performing investigation root cause analysis pertaining to accidents/incidents/events on site, and
  • providing direction on WCB when accidents/incidents/events occur and following up as WCB cases progress.

Click the button below to email to discuss your needs and options for casual or long term contract arrangements. We’ll be happy to describe how the process can work for your company.