Existing safety system revision services

Existing safety system updates or overhauls

Safety management systems aren’t a new innovation and many companies have put together a safety system that has been in use for some time. But systems do need upkeep and maintenance to continue operating properly. Just as equipment needs periodic maintenance, so does a safety system.

Depending on the complexity of your system and the time that has elapsed since your last review, your revision needs may vary from a light update taking into account some new legislation, to a complete overhaul to remove outdated elements and bring in clearer policies or safer practices or more efficient procedures.

You can get help for this maintenance work from our team of loss control and safety management system development specialists.

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Single component consultation: ​Critical task analysis (CTA)

Critical tasks cannot be avoided in many industries. But if not adequately controlled, they can be responsible for unacceptable losses to your organization’s people, property, or the environment. That is why analyzing critical tasks is such a key process to risk management and loss control.

You can access help with this vital HSE management system process, as we provide the expertise to help you create critical standard job procedures and work practices applied to all tasks associated with occupations detailed in your company’s occupational inventory, to aid in the control of critical tasks.

Safety Coordination Services develops and operates under proprietary OHSAS 18001 and ISO Critical Task Analysis Process formats. Our licensing agreements allow our clients to target complex Corporate Critical Task Analysis Markets requiring in depth loss control methodologies. These methodologies simultaneously address legislative compliance concerns such as hazard identification, risk assessment, and worker training and competency issues to OHSAS 18001 and ISO standards. 

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Single component consultation: ​Emergency response planning (ERP)

An emergency response plan (ERP) is an essential part of a company’s safety management system. The more complex your industry, work processes, or worksites, the more aspects there will be to consider in developing your ERP.

We can help you navigate this complexity and develop or revise your ERP so it meets the following success factors:

  • complies with your provincial and federal requirements,
  • incorporates your industry-specific needs,
  • encompasses company and site-specific requirements, and
  • satisfies any required criteria for your company COR/SECOR (if applicable).

You can access our team of developers—which is led by CRSPs, includes personnel with experience in emergency medical services and fire fighting, and has experience in industrial, urban, and rural environments—for whatever assistance you require in ERP development or consultation.

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