This is a classroom-based 1-day SCS-certified course in managing drug and alcohol programs intended for managers and supervisors responsible for overseeing organizational compliance and health and safety regulation. It is available from SCS when requested to suit your schedule, with a minimum of 5 student enrollments required.

In this course, you will explore the significance of drug/alcohol-affected persons in the workplace. While difficult to nail down just how common or serious the problem is, we do know that the numbers of individuals that use, abuse, or are reliant on frequent or continued use of drugs or alcohol is very concerning. This opinion would hold true in just about any workplace environment.

Recent changes in occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation, along with better informed employers, has created a realization that serious attention must be given to ensuring that employees arriving to the workplace are in fact “fit-for-work.” This course provides skills and knowledge in this subject matter.

Course Content

Course topics include the following:

  • The components of an effective and successful drug/alcohol management programs.
  • The federal and provincial legislation that regulates drugs or alcohol in the workplace
  • What responsibilities workers, supervisors, managers, employers, and prime contractors have regarding drug and alcohol prevention in the workplace
  • What responsibilities exist for the worker and the organization in the event of a substance abuse or addiction problem
  • How to maintain, audit, and establish a drug testing program appropriate for responsibilities and obligations under the OHS system

Prerequisites and PPE

You don’t need to complete any other courses or have any prior experience to enroll in this course. However, this course is recommended for staff in a supervisory or management role. You also don’t need to bring along any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Note: All courses require you to have government-issued photo ID.