This is a classroom-based half-day SCS-certified course in self-contained breathing apparatus operation. It is available from SCS when requested to suit your schedule, with a minimum of 5 student enrollments required.

In this entry level program for use of SCBA in industry or municipal fire service, you will be introduced to SCBA operations, maintenance, inspection and governing standards. From the theory and practical hands-on instruction, you will gain the foundation skills to confidently use SCBA in any environment.

Course Content

In this course you will learn new technologies related to SCBA, operation and use of SCBA, and industry versus fire service applications. Course topics include the following:

  • Personal safety
  • Breathing apparatus limitations
  • Standards and legislation for SCBA
  • Basic SCBA inspection
  • Basic SCBA maintenance
  • Stand-alone personal alarm safety systems
  • Integrated personal alarm safety systems
  • SCBA operations
  • SCBA selection
  • Safety checks
  • Heads-up display (HUD)
  • Donning and doffing
  • Buddy breathing (Air equalization measures)

Note: We recommend to recertify every two years to maintain your skills in inspection, maintenance and use of SCBA.

Prerequisites and PPE

You don’t need to complete any other courses or have any prior experience to enroll in this course. You also don’t need to bring along any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Note: All courses require you to have government-issued photo ID.