This is a classroom-based 1-day SCS-certified course in accident/incident investigation. It is available from SCS when requested to suit your schedule, with a minimum of 5 student enrollments required.

If you find yourself in the role of investigator in your company, you will benefit from understanding best practices for responding to the emergency, knowing the different phases of investigations, and effective techniques for collecting pertinent information about the incident/event that occurred. In this course you’ll also learn how to analyze all significant causes, develop and take remedial actions, and use effective techniques for reviewing findings and recommendations and following through with corrective actions.

Course Content

The purpose for investigating loss or potential loss incidents/events is often unexamined or misunderstood. Blaming or fault finding tend to be the result, which leads to missing the root causes of an incident event, and recommendations that don’t track with actual causation factors.
Even when the purpose is properly defined, the investigation methodology can be lacking because of a sense of overwhelm or not understanding the value of effective investigation. Effective inquiry into unplanned occurrences can accomplish the following:

  • describe what happened,
  • define the root cause,
  • describe the associated risks,
  • develop control measures,
  • define trends, and
  • demonstrate concern.

This SCS Accident/Incident Investigation course will equip you to be an effective investigator who can identify loss causation of an incident/event using systematic cause analysis techniques (SCAT) when surveying the circumstances of an incident. Implementing SCAT techniques into your investigation process will allow you to determine causation through identifying what type of event occurred.

Prerequisites and PPE

You don’t need to complete any other courses or have any prior experience to enroll in this course. You also don’t need to bring along any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Note: All courses require you to have government-issued photo ID.