This is a classroom-based 1-day course in zoomboom/telehandler operations provided through Safety Coordination Services. This zoomboom/telehandler operations training is suitable for workers and operators in the warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and upstream oil and gas industry.

This training course provides the theory for understanding the unique hazards and handling of zoombooms/telehandlers. It also includes a practical training component allowing you to learn to handle a zoomboom/telehandler and drive it in a simulated work environment.

Course Content

If you have to operate a zoomboom/telehandler for work, you need this specialized training in the safe handling and operation of these uniquely hazardous pieces of heavy equipment.

Course topics include the following:

  • Pre-use inspections
  • Theory of machine operations
  • Practical machine operations
  • Buckets
  • Pipe handling equipment
  • Other associated attachments
  • Site awareness
  • Ground conditions
  • Safe work practices
  • Load movement
  • Stance and stability
  • Load security
  • Safety awareness

Prerequisites and PPE

You don’t need to complete any other courses or have any prior experience to enroll in this course. You also don’t need to bring along any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Note: All courses require you to have government-issued photo ID.