Ground Disturbance Training (8 hours)


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*Regular Course:$175.00/person Saturday Course: $220.00
“Call before your dig” is only a small portion of what a worker needs to know in Ground Disturbance training. At Safety Coordination Services, we ensure that your workers engaged in excavations, earth-moving, or the maintenance of underground facilities understand the unique dangers that come with ground disturbance. Whether working by hand, or hydrovac, or powered earth-mover, every operator and supervisor on site must understand the hazards of disturbing underground facilities and know what to do to prevent accidents.

Our course is a full-day 8-hour session that includes both theory learning and ground disturbance exercises. Participants in the Global Ground Disturbance course will learn the following topics:

  • Types of Ground Disturbances. ­ The different types of Ground Disturbance classifications and their associated hazards.
  • “Call Before you Dig” Guidelines for Safe Excavations. ­ How to use the “Call before you Dig” systems and ensure the safety of workers prior to excavation.
  • Legislation; Due Diligence and how it affects you. ­ What laws affect Ground Disturbance both specifically and generally, and what responsibilities exist under the law for workers, supervisors, employers, and property owners in worksites involving disturbing the ground.
  • Soil Terminology/Classifications. ­ How to classify Soil Types and best practices in adjusting shoring grades to match the appropriate soil condition.
  • Hazard Assessment and Control Techniques. ­ How to use Hazard Assessment techniques, and how to control the hazards encountered after the assessment, to protect the worksite and workers therein.
  • Overhead Power lines and Safe Limits Of Approach. ­ The safe limits of approach for overhead power lines vary by voltage and current, and require careful adherence to avoid electrical discharge.
  • Confined Space Entry and Codes of Practice. ­ What legislation and industry practices affect the entry of confined spaces, and what industry Codes of Practice may also be binding?
  • Shoring Systems. ­ How to utilize shoring systems to secure the banks of excavations or tunnels.

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