Technical Training


Our technical training division offers progressive levels of safety training and loss prevention. These courses deliver 30-70 hours of detailed instruction and hands-on skills training for your employees. They will push their brains to the limit while they learn how to stay safe and protect their co-workers under hazardous working conditions. Take advantage of multiple training levels where students build on current rescue skill levels and learn techniques for first aid and team management. Our radio communications seminar is designed to establish the proper emergency and non-emergency use of a two-way radio.

All of our courses at Safety Coordination Services rely on practical application of proficiency from students that will cement their understanding of course information, and their competence will prove your company’s excellence in the field.


Your Benefits


You and your team will be trained to avert crisis and manage situations that do occur. Training together will promote teamwork and highlight the importance of hazard prevention in the workplace. Show your employees that you care and make sure that everyone gets home safely each and every day.


“The men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and willpower to develop themselves.”   

-Herbert N. Casson

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