Lung Function Test Edmonton

Spirometry for your workforce

Spirometry is the most common type of lung function testing (also called pulmonary function testing), which measures lung function, volume, speed, and flow of air. SCS can provide spirometry for your workers whenever you need it, here at our Edmonton and Leduc facilities as well as on-site at your own facility using our mobile service.

This test measures how fast a person moves air in and out of the lungs and compares it to the normal ranges for a person with the same demographics and smoking history. It takes a reading of the maximum air the person can exhale after the biggest breath he or she can take.

Spirometry results will indicate if the worker falls in the normal or abnormal range, and can be used to determine baseline values against which your company can measure changes to lung function over time. This is especially important for your workers who may be exposed to respiratory hazards in their jobs.

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Other Edmonton Lung tests to support your Respiratory Code of Practice

Companies typically refer to lung function tests such as spirometry in their Respiratory Code of Practice. They often require them along with respiratory mask fit testing and fitness to work assessments. SCS can provide those services for you as well.

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