Fitness for work assessments

Assessing a worker’s health prior to employment or on return to employment after a leave of absence helps reduce risk of injury or re-injury. Assessments are also mandated for workers with particular occupational exposures and hazards.

Your company can get help arranging nurse or physician assessments for evaluating the fitness of your workers. SCS’s occupational health division coordinates comprehensive physical evaluations and health assessments through the network of Occupational Health Registered Nurses and Physicians of Canada.

All medicals typically include the following:

  • health history review,
  • body systems review,
  • musculoskeletal assessment, and
  • back and lifting skills assessment.

In addition, RN medicals can add on these items:

  • vision testing,
  • ECG (heart tracing), and
  • blood collections.

And physician medicals can add on these items:

  • vaccinations (e.g. hepatitis A & B, influenza, etc.),
  • chest x-ray,
  • occupational exposure monitoring, and
  • fitness to wear a respirator.

Further items can be assessed to create company-specific medical examinations customized to best suit your needs with the most relevant tests for your hazard exposures, which SCS can help you identify.

Once the assessment is completed, a determination of fitness to work will be reported, including any recommended restrictions.

​To get more information on coordinating these services, click the button below to e-mail the manager of our occupation health division.