OHD Drug Testing

Occupational Drug and Alcohol Testing

Occupational Drug & Alcohol Testing is an essential component of your safety management system. Because, in a contemporary workforce, where losses and liabilities of one impaired employee can result in a million dollar judgements, proactive industrial drug & alcohol testing (and training) can be the ounce of prevention your company´s future hinges on.


What we do:


Be a leader in your industry; develop and enforce a solid set of policies that protect your workers, contractors, clients, and the public, from impaired workers. Therefore, Safety Coordination Services, in partnership with the Occupational Health Division, can help design, develop, and implement your organization´s Drug & Alcohol Policy and testing requirements. Furthermore, SCS can provide testing services to maintain your compliance with the drug & alcohol testing rules within Canada and the United States. In addition, Safety Coordination Services is proud to be a member of the DATAC and DATIA organizations.


Breath Alcohol Testing:

With our team of occupational health professionals, you can reply and depend on our on-the-spot and instant readings of breath alcohol levels. Because we let you know immediately whether or not a worker has alcohol in their system, and what amount. Finally, you are given immediate results. Our breath alcohol testing is cost-effective, and also provides the due diligence required to protect your organization against liability issues.


Employees involved in Critical Tasks, or those working on restricted sites, will often require drug & alcohol testing prior to being permitted access to the work site. Therefore, we offer Pre-Access Drug & Alcohol Testing, in a timely and cost-effective fashion, with same-day results and optional (recommended) laboratory confirmation testing available. 


Because hiring is a time-consuming and costly affair, and demands a great deal from your Human Resource department and budget, hiring employees with preexisting substance abuse issues can result in unexpected liabilities and costs in both the short and long term. Safety Coordination Services in partnership with the Occupational Health Division can help; through the judicious use of pre-employment drug and alcohol tests, you can protect your company from unwanted liability, and protect employees working in/around critical tasks. So let us help you to protect your workers, clients, and your company´s reputation: Use pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

Post-Incident / Accident:

Because Accident Investigations rely on timely, accurate information to protect your organization from undue legal and civil liability, drug testing immediately after an incident or accident is imperative. Furthermore, in post-incident testing, every minute counts, and our Occupational Health Division can respond anywhere, anytime. With our team of on-call staff, we can ensure our organization is always prepared to provide drug & alcohol testing on-site or in-house.

Do you require an emergency drug and alcohol test? If so, ask us about our One Hour Priority Response services in the greater Edmonton area. (12 Hour Priority Response options available for the greater Alberta region.)

Lab-Based Drug Testing / Confirmation Testing:

While drug screening tests are adequate for policy enforcement and internal organizational affairs, in matters of legal or civil liability, it is always best practice to perform a Lab-Based drug or confirmation testing for non-negative results. Therefore, Safety Coordination Services in partnership with the Occupational Health Division can provide you with a cost-effective and comprehensive medical review of drug test results, including chemical and concentration analysis and prescription drug comparison.

D.O.T (American Department of Transport) compliant testing:

If your employees operate motor vehicles into the United States, they are required to undergo periodic drug & alcohol testing in compliance with the regulations and protocols imposed by the American Department of Transport. Commonly referred to as D.O.T testing, this level of testing requires careful adherence to American federal guidelines. So, if your employees require D.O.T testing, our Occupational Health Division can help.

Specialized Training


Drug and Alcohol Policy Development:

Our professional team of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs) can help your company develop and implement a customized Drug and Alcohol Policy that’s right for your organization. So many excessive and unnecessary policies can cost your organization in employee turnover rates and human resources costs for screening and hiring. Also, insufficient policies and enforcement can expose your organization to legal and fiscal liabilities, damage to reputation,  and lost long-term opportunities. Therefore, Safety Coordination Services has the consulting team that’s right for assisting your organization in striking the right balance to protect your interests and your bottom line.

Worker Education:

Safety Coordination Services can provide worker and supervisory education concerning the liabilities and symptoms of substance abuse. Furthermore,  SCS can also provide or direct you to the resources available in western Canada for sufferers of addiction and their families. Because education is the first and best step in prevention, the human and financial costs of substance abuse and addiction demand our best efforts to address and prevent.

Signs and Symptoms Training for Supervisors:

Can your supervisor tell the difference between an impaired employee, and one suffering from diabetic shock?

Is your worker erratic due to heat stroke, or amphetamines?

Research shows that only a small minority of supervisors are capable of distinguishing drug and alcohol use symptoms from common occupational illnesses. As a result, we recommend our Signs and Symptoms Training for Supervisory Personnel, coupled with a certified First Aid course,  that can assist your employees and personnel in both saving lives and preventing losses on your work site. And furthermore, this training can protect your company from civil and legal liabilities that may arise from wrongful dismissal suits. So look to Safety Coordination Services to assist your safety management team in distinguishing between medical emergency and substance abuse symptoms.

D.O.T. Specimen Collector & Breath Alcohol Technician Training:

SCS also proudly offers the D.O.T. Specimen Collector & Breath Alcohol Technician course. While all devices are approved by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), we always train to the absolute highest standard. Furthermore, we utilize the RBT IV for this training.

In addition, there is 1 day of self-study and 2 days of classroom instruction…

  • Self-study and 2 days classroom training
  • DOT Model Course – part 40 rules and regulations (online)
  • EBT instrument-specific training (classroom)
  • 7 mock tests in a classroom
  • Includes instruction on the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Accuracy Checks
  • Passing a written exam is required for certification
  • Instructor resource manual, training aids, and electronic files are provided
  • Successful presentations of BAT modules are required for certification

Finally, this course is an advanced class over and above DOT’s requirements for BAT instructors.” – Intox.com