Mould Services

Moulds are a member of the Fungi Kingdom of living organisms and are found almost everywhere. Fungi cannot produce food so they get their nutrients from surrounding materials, such as cellulose or any other organic material. Indoor fungi are commonly referred to as ‘mould’; however, there are many other types of fungi typically present such as yeasts, basidiomycetes, rust and smuts.

Indoor fungal growth is highly dependent on the availability of moisture, ‘food’ source and time. When a mould spore finds a source of food and there is enough moisture available, growth will occur. The key to controlling mould growth inside a building is to control moisture accumulations. Causes of moisture accumulation inside buildings include:

  • Flooding events
  • Elevated relative humidity
  • Pipe breaks or leaks from plumbing systems or appliances
  • Roof leaks and/or building envelope deficiencies
  • Toilet and sewer backups
  • Site drainage problems

SCS industrial hygiene professionals have over 12 years of experience in mould testing, including assessing the built environment for sources of moisture intrusion, fungal growth and fungal remediation solutions.

Professional mould testing services include:

  • Bulk and/or Tape-Lift Sampling
  • Viable and Non-Viable Fungal Spore Air Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Remediation Inspection Services
  • Post-Remediation Air/Surface Sampling Confirmation

The Mould Testing Process

Bulk, tape-lift and air samples are submitted to Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) accredited laboratories for analysis of fungal spores to genus for non-viable samples and to species for viable air samples.

Based on the findings of sampling and onsite assessment during mould testing, SCS will assist you to develop and implement appropriate and cost-effective control measures. All fungal assessments will be conducted in accordance with the Alberta Jobs, Skills, Labour and Training Best Practices – Mould at the Work Site (July 2009) guideline document.

For more information, please contact:

Ted Letourneau, B.Sc., EP
Group Lead, Industrial Hygiene Division
Phone: (780) 485-3585