Working Alone


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Course Length: 8 Hours
*Regular Course:$325.00/person Saturday Course: $255.00

Does your organization have workers who work alone, without supervision or coworkers who can respond in the event of an emergency? If so, are they and management in your organization trained to handle the unique hazards working alone can pose? Safety Coordination Services offers Working Alone training, a course designed to present workers and employers with tested, tried, and true practices to enhance safety for workers who must work alone.
This one-day course focuses on the needs of the worker for security and safety, and the needs of the organization to protect its workers. Students will learn:

  • Working Alone Policy. ­ How to design and implement appropriate polices for solitary and isolated workers.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations ­ What laws and regulations govern when a worker may work alone and under what conditions?
    • Provincial Safety regulations, ­ Working Alone Section. What provincial regulations are specific to workers who are isolated?
    • Hazard Assessment. ­ How to perform a hazard assessment for workers who must work in isolation.
    • Employees Who Perform Hazardous Work. ­ Special precautions for workers performing hazardous duties while alone.
    • Review of Records and Past Incidents. ­ What information can prior records give us concerning the hazards of working alone?
    • Inspection and Analysis of Worksite. ­ How to examine a workplace for the unique hazards that may be posed for workers who are alone.
    • Check-in System. ­ What systems are used to protect and monitor solitary workers, and how are they implemented to protect employees?

Protect solitary workers, protect your organization and its employees from harm and prosecution; enroll in our Working Alone program today, and ensure the safety of your employees now and in the future.
Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the course.


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