Spill Response Training (8 Hours)



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*Regular Course:$135.00/person
Safety Coordination Services ensures that responders on a scene of a spill of dangerous goods have the Spill Response Training they need to respond quickly, and effectively. Our training course is designed for responders who are anticipated to react to spills of hazardous products and registered Dangerous Goods. This course carries a focus for workers in the transportation, petroleum, and construction industries.

Participants of the course will learn:

  • Emergency Response Planning. ­ What should an Emergency Response Plan contain, and what responsibilities does an organization have to executing its ERP?
  • Use of hazardous products inventory. ­ What hazardous products are involved in the spill, how to determine and deal with their products and byproducts.
  • Selection and use of appropriate PPE. ­ What PPE is correct, for the spilled product? How do you determine and select appropriate PPE?
  • How to select and obtain appropriate spill kits from manufacturer. Many manufacturers of dangerous goods can supply appropriate spill kits.
  • Use of the Spill kit ­ How is a spill kit correctly used? What purpose do spill dikes serve, and when are they appropriate?
  • Containment Procedures. ­ What priorities are there for containment of a spilled product?
  • Safe and appropriate disposal of hazardous products once contained. ­ How are spilled products disposed of safely and appropriately?

This one day course provides 8 hours of classroom instruction. Successful participants will receive a certificate of participation..


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