Risk Control Strategies (8 Hours)


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*Regular Course:$285.00/person
If your organization can benefit from the development of risk control strategies, Safety Coordination Services can help. Our industrial safety supervision and management team can train your supervisors and management in the development of risk control strategies that enable your organization to avoid exposures to loss, limiting their fundamental loss potential.

Risk Control applies to every activity your organization engages in; from production levels, quality levels, personnel, environment, property, financial assets, and much more. The fundamental purpose of Risk Control is to prevent loss-producing events, however, these strategies can also be employed during and after events to minimize, control, and prevent loss at any stage.

Our Risk Control training program incorporates the following objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental basis for Risk Control.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of proposed risk controls.
  • Practical application of Risk & Cost vs. Benefit Analysis.
  • Assimilate the 10 basic strategies for hazard control.

Ensure your safety management team and supervisory personnel have the knowledge and skills to protect your company´s interests; choose Safety Coordination Services for your Risk Control training needs!


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