Practical Risk Assessment (8 Hours)


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*Regular Course:$285.00/person
Practical Risk Assessment is a skill that is essential for supervisors, managers, and health and safety officers of an organization. The ability to identify and quantify risk is fundamental to Loss Control and occupational health and safety assessments as a whole. But it isn’t enough to be able to identify and quantify risk; solutions and controls to the risks must be discovered or developed, and they must be practical to the organization, preserving profit margin and increasing efficiency along the way. Our Practical Risk Assessment program, offered as part of the larger Det Norske Veritas Practical Leadership Skills Series, provides skills essential to the supervisory, management, and health and safety team membership, in the following topics:
  • History and Value of Risk Assessment as a process.
  • Effective Risk Assessment: ­ What it is, how it is performed, and how to measure it for performance and efficiency gains.
  • Team work required for successful risk assessment: ­ How teams are selected and assembled, how they are organized, and how accountability is gauged and monitored.
  • Major risk assessment methods: ­ What risk assessment methods are established, how to implement and execute them, and what circumstances call for which method.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of participation. Develop your professional management and leadership skills with Safety Coordination Services and the DNV Practical Leadership Skills program. Help your occupational health and safety team make effective, practical risk assessments for your organization by training in Practical Risk Assessment. Sign up today!


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