Group Communications (8 Hours)


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*Regular Course:$285.00/person
Safety Coordination Services offers Group Communication training for supervisors, managers, and occupational health and safety professionals seeking professional development. As part of the larger Det Norske Veritas Practical Leadership Skills training program, our Group Communication course focuses on the fundamentals of speaking and communicating with groups and teams. This one-day course covers the following topics:
  • The characteristics and dynamics of group communications. ­ How group communications are shaped, what pitfalls can arise, and what methods are most effective in routine and emergency communications.
  • Benefits of group meetings. ­ Explore the benefits of group meetings and how they can maximize creativity, communication, and dissemination of critical information.
  • Practical skills in conducting group meetings. ­ As a practical exercise to the course, individuals participating will have opportunity to participate in and lead group communications exercises.

This course is part of the Det Norske Veritas Practical Leadership Skills series.
Upon successful completion of the Group Communications course, students will receive a certificate of participation.


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