Fire Extinguisher Training (4 hours)

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Safety Coordination Services offers our own professional Fire Extinguisher training course for industry and the general public. Whether at work or at home, a fire breaking out can endanger lives and property, and spread quickly from a small point of ignition into a lethal conflagration. Our training program is designed for any individual who needs to be able to utilize a fire extinguisher in a safe and effective manner.

Our Fire Extinguisher training course teaches participants the following:

  • How to recognize the various classes of fires: A,B,C,D, & K fires
  • Selecting appropriate fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire
  • Practical fire-pan / fire simulator exercise: Students will be required to extinguish a class B fire with an extinguisher

Participants are certified to NFPA 10 standard upon successful completion of this course, and will receive a certificate of participation.


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