Accident/Incident Investigation


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Course Length: 8 hours
*Regular Course: $285.00/person
Safety Coordination Services recognizes that investigating incidents are part of almost every safety program. Yet the purpose for investigating loss or potential loss events is often poorly understood. As a result, finger pointing, and blaming individuals or fault finding exercises will seldom explain the root causes of the incident, nor arrive at any effective recommendations associated with the causation factors. Even when the purpose is properly defined, in examining an accident / incident they are often poorly done. Perhaps the greatest reason for this, is not understanding the many real values to be gained. Effective inquiry into unplanned occurrences can; describe what happened, define the root cause, describe the associated risks, develop control measures, define trends, and demonstrate concern.

Safety Coordination Services will train investigators in the different phases of investigating techniques for; responding to the emergency, and collecting pertinent information of the accident / incident that occurred. Accident incident investigation training will show you how to analyze all significant causes, develop and take remedial actions as well as techniques for reviewing findings and recommendations and following through with corrective actions.

Safety Coordination Services investigative training will equip your investigators in identifying loss causation of an accident or incident by utilizing Systematic Cause Analysis Techniques (SCAT) when surveying the circumstances of an incident. Implementing SCAT techniques into your accident / incident investigation process will allow investigators to determine causation through identifying what type of event occurred. Successful students of the training course will be able to identify immediate direct causes, and basic root causes of the accident or incident, and will equip the investigator in determining appropriate corrective action required to remedy the causation factors and reduce the likelihood of future accident / incidents from occurring.


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