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Mobile Testing & On-Site Services

Our Mission


Are you always experiencing down time while employees go off-site for testing?

Eliminate undue downtime. Keep a smooth workflow and let US come to YOU.

First of all, our mobile unit and certified staff will travel anywhere in Canada to meet the needs of your company. We offer minimal disruption to your work day while ensuring you get the services you need.

Furthermore, we offer mobile testing for your occupational health needs throughout Alberta, and via partnerships throughout Canada. So when you need workers tested on-site, we are there. 

In addition, our fast response and service flexibility ensures reduced downtime for your workforce and less administrative and logistical burden on your organization. So look to Safety Coordination Services and our Occupational Health Division for your mobile testing needs.


Our mobile services include:

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Drug testing can be provided at the work site. We also are pleased to offer pre-access, post-incident, random, DOT, pre-employment, etc. Trust our mobile team to deliver timely and accurate results.

Respirator Fit Testing:

Not everyone fits the same mask the same way! Our  quantifiable fit testing devices use controlled negative pressure to determine if the masks used on site are the right fit.

Audiometric Testing:

Our team of occupational health professionals can provide on-site hearing testing for your workers. So don’t disrupt a busy shift or workday by sending employees to the nearest city; bring our team to your site!

Lung Function Testing:

Lung function evaluations conducted through this method of testing permits a comprehensive and quantifiable measurement of how the individual’s lungs are functioning. Also, how effectively air can be inhaled and expelled.


Service Description:

Breath Alcohol Testing:

With our certified technicians, you can depend on our instant readings of breath alcohol levels. Furthermore, there is no waiting and no invasive swabs! Our breath alcohol testing provides the due diligence required to protect your organization against liability by using certified testing equipment.



Drug & Alcohol Testing:


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. So be a leader in your industry; implement a drug and alcohol policy that includes regular testing.

Employees in safety sensitive positions or those working at restricted sites require regular testing to meet due diligence standards. Furthermore, substance abuse affects everyone’s safety. So, protect your workers, company and community with regular drug and alcohol testing.

We all know sending employees off site for drug & alcohol testing can be a pain and consequently causes lost time and reduced work flow. So, if you have a large group that requires testing, call us to visit your site!

Let our professionals take care of the rest! With fast service and competitive pricing, we are almost always available on short notice, and ready to meet your testing needs.


Test Options:

POCT Tests: Same-day results are provided and optional (recommended) laboratory confirmation testing.

Lab-Based Tests: 3-5 business days for results.

While our Pre-Access testing uses industry-standard Panel 7 testing: Opiates, Cocaine Alkaloids, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, THC (Cannabinoids), PCP,  and Oxycodone, other tests are available upon request (5 panel, 8 panel, 12 panel).

Quantisal oral fluid testing is also available.


      Employees involved in Critical Tasks or those working on restricted sites will often require              drug & alcohol testing prior to being permitted access to the work site. For these employees,            we offer Pre-Access Drug & Alcohol Testing.


Hiring employees with pre-existing substance abuse issues can result in unexpected liabilities and costs in both the short and long term. Therefore, through the judicious use of pre-employment drug and alcohol tests, you can protect your company from unwanted liability, and protect your workers working in/around critical tasks. Use pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

Post-Incident / Accident:

     Accident Investigations rely on timely, accurate information to protect your organization from       undue legal and civil liability. In post-incident testing, every minute counts, and our                       Occupational Health Division can respond anywhere, anytime. 


Lab-Based Drug Testing / Confirmation Testing:

     Drug screening tests are a must for policy enforcement and internal organizational affairs, but         in matters of legal or civil liability, it is always best practice to perform a Lab-Based drug or             confirmation testing for non-negative results. Therefore, we can provide a low cost and in               depth medical review of drug test results, including chemical and concentration analysis.

D.O.T (American Department of Transport) compliant testing:

     If your employees travel into the United States, they are required to undergo periodic drug &         alcohol testing. Referred to as D.O.T testing, and  in compliance with the regulations and               protocols imposed by the American Department of Transport. This level of testing requires             careful adherence to American federal guidelines. So if your employees require D.O.T testing,         we can help.


Mask Fit Testing:


SCS utilizes the “Gold Standard of Fit Testing” with the OHD Quantifit. Most noteworthy, using controlled negative pressure ensures that the seal achieved is one of a high passing grade.


As a result, our certified technicians can assist your organization in fit testing your employees.


North Brand:

               7700 (Half Mask), 5500 (Half Mask), 5400 (Full Mask), 7600 (Full Mask) 


3M Brand:

              6000 Series (Half Mask), 7500 Series (Half Mask), 6000 Series (Full Mask) 6000 Series               (Full Mask – PAPR), FF-400 Series (Full Mask)


Scott Brand:

             Scott AV 2000 (Full Mask), Scott AV 3000 (Full Mask)


We also have several other options. So, if you do not see the mask on the list, give us a call and we will find the one you need!



Audiometric Testing:


Hearing (audiometric) tests are a critical practice to a Hearing Conservation Program. They are also recommended annually for any workers subjected to moderate or high levels of noise in the workplace. Best practices in OH&S encourage using these hearing tests to assess and quantify a company´s noise management program. Also, they are important to prevent noise induced hearing loss in the workplace.


What is noise-induced hearing loss?


“Every day, we experience sound in our environment, such as the sounds from television and radio, household appliances, and traffic. Normally, these sounds are at safe levels that don’t damage our hearing. But sounds can be harmful when they are too loud, even for a brief time, or when they are both loud and long-lasting. These sounds can damage sensitive structures in the inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).


NIHL can be immediate or it can take a long time to be noticeable. It can be temporary or permanent, and it can affect one ear or both ears. Even if you can’t tell that you are damaging your hearing, you could have trouble hearing in the future… Regardless of how it might affect you, one thing is certain: noise-induced hearing loss is something you can prevent.” (https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/noise-induced-hearing-loss)


Hearing tests and what they do:


Noise assessments and hearing tests help identify loud problem areas, and help to create and maintain effective noise management programs. Furthermore, they aid in protecting your employees by identifying the early onset of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Consequently, annual hearing tests help to prevent expensive hearing loss settlements and lawsuits, and protect the health and safety of workers.

While hearing tests can be performed in house at SCS, due to a high employee number requiring said testing, we also offer the option of testing on location at your facility. Also, stated under the OH&S Act, Regulations and Code, ” An employer must provide. . . the following audiometric tests for a worker exposed to excess noise:


  • An initial baseline test as soon as is practicable, but no later than six months after a worker is exposed to excess noise because of a change in the worker’s duties or process conditions,
  • Not more than 12 months after the initial baseline test, and
  • At least every second year after the test under clause (b) under the OH&S Code 2009″


How we can help


Our certified technicians conduct these tests with the utmost courtesy and respect to the employee; discussing testing procedures, results, and education and training regarding proper hearing protection. In addition, we offer counseling and referrals, and discuss noise exposure risks while ensuring confidentiality.

Also, we can tailor a Hearing Conservation Program for your company. In partnership with our expert Safety Management and Loss Control teams, we can assist your organization in finding efficient and cost-effective solutions to protect your workers, your WCB rating, and your bottom line.


Does your hearing conservation program mandate testing at regular intervals? No need to disrupt a busy shift or workday by sending workers to the nearest city; bring our team to your site to reduce downtime, and maximize hearing protection and stay compliant!


Lung Function Testing:


Spirometry is a common pulmonary function test (PFT), measuring lung function, volume, speed, and flow of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Therefore it is an important tool for assessing conditions such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD. In industrial health programs, it is used to evaluate the baseline breathing efficacy of workers who may be exposed to substances harmful to the lungs.


Furthermore, PFTs goes hand in hand with Chest x-rays, and mask fit tests. In addition, we also recommend a fitness to work test be conducted to ensure that your employees are properly fit to complete the work that they are assigned.


Workers who could be exposed to serious contaminants such as asbestos, creosote, etc. require periodic PFT testing to ensure that their baseline lung function does not become impaired over time. Lung force evaluation conducted through this testing permits a comprehensive, quantifiable measurement of how well the individual´s lungs are functioning, and how effectively air can be inhaled and expelled. We can provide this testing on-site, allowing fast, cost-effective turn-around on results and minimal downtime for your workers.