OHD Mobile


Mobile Testing & On-Site Services

Our Mission


Are you always experiencing down time while employees go off-site for testing?

Eliminate undue downtime. Keep a smooth workflow and let US come to YOU.

First of all, our mobile unit and certified staff will travel anywhere in Canada to meet the needs of your company. We offer minimal disruption to your work day while ensuring you get the services you need.

Furthermore, we offer mobile testing for your occupational health needs throughout Alberta, and via partnerships throughout Canada. So when you need workers tested on-site, we are there. 

In addition, our fast response and service flexibility ensures reduced downtime for your workforce and less administrative and logistical burden on your organization. So look to Safety Coordination Services and our Occupational Health Division for your mobile testing needs.


Our mobile services include:

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Drug testing can be provided at the work site. We also are pleased to offer pre-access, post-incident, random, DOT, pre-employment, etc. Trust our mobile team to deliver timely and accurate results.

Respirator Fit Testing:

Not everyone fits the same mask the same way! Our  quantifiable fit testing devices use controlled negative pressure to determine if the masks used on site are the right fit.

Audiometric Testing:

Our team of occupational health professionals can provide on-site hearing testing for your workers. So don’t disrupt a busy shift or workday by sending employees to the nearest city; bring our team to your site!

Lung Function Testing:

Lung function evaluations conducted through this method of testing permits a comprehensive and quantifiable measurement of how the individual’s lungs are functioning. Also, how effectively air can be inhaled and expelled.