OHD Health Assessment

Health Assessment

Job injury or re-injury is a major sinkhole for company assets and a risk for employee health.  Because assessing a worker’s health prior to employment is imperative to reduce risk of injury or re-injury, a Health Assessment will also help you place the right workers in the right job. So rather than risk it, let us help you find the right assessment for the right worker and for the right job!

While workers are exposed to certain occupational exposures and hazards, there are also legislative requirements that must be adhered to. Therefore, our Occupational Health services can assist your organization in evaluating the fitness of an individual. We will always help to ensure that they are ready to begin work or return to work in a timely and cost effective manner. 

In addition, our Occupational Health Division can organize comprehensive physical evaluations and health assessments through the network of Occupational Health Registered Nurses and Physicians of Canada.

Furthermore, you can view below a short table detailing some of the many services we can provide for your organization:
RN Medicals Physician Medicals
Vision Testing Vaccinations(Hepatitis A&B, influenza)
ECG(heart tracing) Spirometry
Blood Collections Chest X-Rays
Drug and Alcohol Occupational Exposure Monitoring
Hearing test Fitness to wear a respirator

Our nurse and physician based medicals also include:

  • Health history review
  • Body systems review
  • Musculo-skeletal assessment
  • Back and lifting skills assessment


Of course, company-specific medical examinations can be customized to best suit your needs. In addition, this customized medical will include the most relevant tests for your hazard exposures. Furthermore, we will work in partnership with your organization to help identify potential hazards and determine the most effective fitness evaluations.

Because our industry-specific medical testing is aimed at prevention of injury and reducing risks,we aim to achieve the highest standards. As a result, when the assessment is completed, a determination of “fit to work” will be reported, including any recommended restrictions.

Contact us today so we can discuss how to best serve your organization with our comprehensive, customized Health Assessment services.

So, always remember that safety is always everyone’s responsibility and together we can achieve the highest standards of safety AND compliance! So don’t risk it, don’t wait and call us now!