Occupational Health Division

Our Mission


Most noteworthy, to promote safe, healthy work forces by providing more than exceptional services that are reliable, accurate, and timely. Therefore, we strive for excellence by always utilizing quality equipment and certified staff to provide a wide range of health and safety services. While it can be difficult to try to organize and maintain your results, training records and compliance, you can trust us to give you our absolute best to help your organization.

We also provide testing and training that companies require to ensure safety and compliance. Furthermore, we also offer all of our services at very competitive prices, we have certified and trained staff, and top of the line customer service you have come to expect. In addition, our occupational health services can also be offered at your location, on a request basis, for those larger groups. Also, if you need testing done on short notice, we can almost always accommodate within 24 hours; our mobile unit is stocked and ready to roll out to your site whenever you may need us.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. So be a leader in your industry and let us work together to organize, implement. and maintain the programs, services and training your organization requires to maintain that safety and compliance to the highest degree.

In conclusion, exceptional service is our hallmark. We will always be sure to treat you and your employees with respect and courtesy when conducting any occupational testing. So contact SCS for health assessments by qualified medical personnel, a central booking system to streamline your paper trail, and our mobile unit that brings our technicians to your doorstep; anywhere in Canada.