Industrial Hygiene Division


Our Mission


Welcome to Safety Coordination Services’ (SCS) Industrial Hygiene Division where we will assist you in the anticipation, identification, evaluation and control of environmental agents present in your workplace that may cause adverse health effects for workers or significant discomfort in the community at large.

Our Industrial Hygiene Division can assist you in the anticipation, identification, evaluation and control of environmental, chemical, biological and physical agents in your workplace.  Professional services are available in the fields of:

  • Hazardous Building Materials Assessments for the presence of asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs, radio-active components, ozone-depleting substances, biohazards, etc.,
  • Biological Assessments for the presence of mould/fungal growth and other microbiological growth based on water intrusion events,
  • Hazardous Materials Abatement planning, management, air monitoring and site inspection services,
  • Asbestos Management Plans where SCS will identify, quantify, assess the risk and provide ongoing evaluations when asbestos is to remain within your facility,
  • Occupational Exposure Assessments and workplace monitoring for chemical hazards such as welding/diesel fumes, hydrocarbons/solvents, cutting oils/mists, silica, particulates, aldehydes, alkali/caustics, etc.
  • Assessments for Physical Hazards such as noise, heat stress, vibration and radiation,
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments to evaluate your building’s air quality, such as CO, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulates, relative humidity and temperature, and
  • Education/Training offering course such as the 2-Day OHS approved Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker, a 4-hour Asbestos Awareness course, etc.

Industrial/Occupational Hygiene Surveys are undertaken to:

  • verify compliance with Provincial Health and Safety agencies
  • assess exposure probability and determine cause-effect relationship on health
  • provide in-depth analysis of reported health complaints and authenticate concerns

Based on the findings of the hygiene survey, Safety Coordination Services will assist you to develop and implement appropriate and cost-effective control measures. These measures include engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment programs.

SCS’s health and safety professionals, medical professionals, and industrial/occupational hygienists provide a complete range of occupational hygiene and safety services and solutions to your concerns.

Professional services include:

For more information, please contact:

Ted Letourneau, B.Sc., EP
Group Lead, Industrial Hygiene Division
Phone: (780) 485-3585