The 3 D´s philosophy


Working closely with all the members of the course development team, our president has instilled within each of us a customer focus towards the 3 “D” philosophy. Because of this focus, this new team of the 3 “D”s is the catalyst you need to help launch your safety business into the future.


Our people bring course design to a whole new level. The online world allows many advantages to your course that traditional course delivery systems fall short in; shorter wait times, casual learning environment, the ability to review material at will and much more.

Due to more flexibility than the classroom environment, blended learning students absorb information at a faster rate. Therefore, students can review material at such a granular level it’s as close to one-on-one training as you can get without the instructor right in your home.


Also, if your team is looking to have your current course or entire course brought to the online world for distribution, SCS is the place for you! Furthermore, our state of the art facility is custom tailored to make course designs come to life. Our highly trained tech team is the backbone of any great development effort, and with your designs in hand we can make your course come to life.


Without proper distribution systems in place, any project is doomed to go nowhere. That´s why SCS has put an advanced distribution network in place. As a result, this cutting edge course delivery system has all the elements needed for any modern online learning facility.

In conclusion, our tech staff brings to you and your customers the best and most advanced online experience. With SCS distributing your course, you can target and deliver to millions of clients annually.