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Every safety management program, loss control program, safety training program, and quality control program requires due diligence in document control. At SCS, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in implementing an OHSAS 18001 / ISO compliance-focused document control program. Furthermore, our proprietary technology incorporates development and maintenance of critical compliance based documentation. While, we build it to the highest document control standards, SCS will help you ensure your documentation will stand up in court and industry alike.

In addition, SCS wants to help ensure that your organization’s documentation is an effective part of your quality management system, safety management system, or safety training program. We can also provide the expertise and systems development solutions to ensure your documentation is always held to the highest standards of compliance. See all the technical writing solutions that Safety Coordination Services below.

Safety Manuals / Loss Control Programs

SCS has developed Safety Manuals and programs for dozens of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) winning companies. Furthermore, our technical writing team can create customized and comprehensive safety manuals for your organization. Since your Safety Management program depends on effective communication, our technical writing team can ensure your safety manuals meet the highest standards of clarity, professionalism, and due diligence in communication. Therefore, working with your safety management team, SCS can provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly Safety Manual anywhere in the market.

Safety Management Programs

Our expert team, lead by CRSPs, can develop customized Safety Management Programs to best fit your organization’s industry and task needs. In addition, our COR-winning program development process can bring your company into the highest standards of compliance and achievement throughout western Canada. We also proudly specialize in the development and implementation of OHSAS 18001, ISO, and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) safety management programs for all levels of industry.

Is your organization a small business? If so, we can help your business achieve the SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) designation from the Government of Alberta.

Safety Training Programs

Safety Coordination Services can create customized safety training solutions and programs for your company.

Does your organization have special safety and training needs?

Are pre-made training programs not sufficiently relevant to your organization’s tasks?

SCS can help. We can create customized training solutions branded and sourced from your organization or industry, or adapt existing programs for a “best fit” solution to your organization’s tasks and environment. Because our custom safety training programs are a cost-effective way to ensure maximum relevance of course content for your employees, and provide the best benefit to your industrial safety training program, we are a top choice.

Training Manuals & Instructional Materials

Safety Coordination Services can write customized safety training manuals and industrial safety instructional materials to fit the needs of your organization.

Does your company have unique occupational health and safety concerns?

What about hazards that existing courses just don’t address?

SCS can work in partnership with your organization to ensure you receive a customized training manual and instructional materials that fit your organization’s tasks and hazards.

Do existing safety courses not meet the needs of your company?

We can also create or adapt those courses! Therefore providing the best possible training experience and added value to your organization’s industrial safety training program.

Critical Standard Job Procedures

Does your organization have critical tasks with high exposures to risk and loss? Our expert team, lead by CRSPs, can help design, develop, and implement Critical Standard Job Procedures for your organization’s Safety Management System. Furthermore, working with your organization, we employ a ground-up system to identify, evaluate, and analyze your organization’s critical tasks. We also work with your safety management team to create effective, comprehensive critical standard job procedures.

Technical Manuals

If your organization manufactures products and equipment, sourcing technical manuals appropriate for the Canadian market can pose special challenges. SCS’ writing team can create technical manuals for your organization that meet the highest CSA, ISO, and OHSAS 18001 standards. Furthermore, your clients and staff depend on timely, accurate, clear information, and SCS technical manual writing can provide it. So, if your safety training program or safety management system relies on technical manuals, rely on Safety Coordination Services.

Standard Operating Procedures

Developing a Standard Operating Procedure for an organization demands careful expertise. Furthermore, the process requires compliance with legislation, industry best practices, and your own organization’s unique demands. Therefore, SCS can work with your safety management team to develop robust, comprehensive procedures to compliment your safety management systems. Contact us and let’s discuss what we can do to help!

Codes of Practice

If your organization requires development and adherence to a Code of Practice, SCS’ technical writers can develop them as needed. Adherence to Codes of Practice gives your customers, clients, and industry peers the assurance that your organization will act according to best principles. Because of this, it is also critical that they are created and implemented at the highest standard level achievable. So let SCS and its top tier team help you in achieving this.

Document Conversion

Support of your organization’s historic documents can be a drain on administrative time and budget. Most of all, in an office subjected to the dynamic and ever-changing demands that software changes require. So let Safety Coordination Services alleviate that strain. Our team of OHS experts and technical writers can make document conversion a fast, easy, cost-effective process for you and your organization. Most of all, sustain your safety management systems integrity with our document conversion services.

Editing Services

Technical writing and documents require a critical eye. Also, this complex documentation and process needs expert editing. Our technical writing team can provide quality, and cost-effective editing services for your H & S management systems, training courses, and HSE related documentation.

User Guides

Your users rely on timely, accurate, and comprehensive directions to safely and effectively use your products. So let SCS´ technical writers help you design, develop, and publish user guides for your products that meet the needs of customers and clients. Also, your industrial safety training programs can be written in accordance with your user guides to provide in-depth knowledge and training to staff and customers alike. So contact us at SCS and let us put our experts to work!