Industrial Hygiene Services

Easily determine the assessments you need to make sure your buildings and work environments are safe

We’re here to help you by making the decision process simple for you to choose and schedule the reliable and cost-effective industrial hygiene assessments you require.

Industrial hygiene is a term used to describe services that help you anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control environmental factors in a workplace that might lead to adverse health effects for your workers or the people in the community. 

You may need industrial hygiene services for these common reasons:

  • to verify your compliance for government health and safety agencies,
  • to assess exposure probability and determine cause-effect relationships on health, and
  • to provide an in-depth analysis of reported health complaints and authenticate concerns.

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Explore the industrial hygiene service options available

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Rely on credentialed industrial hygiene experts

We hire credentialed experts so you can be assured that you get accurate and reliable assessments, reports, and recommendations. SCS employs only properly credentialed, registered occupational hygienists (ROHs) to perform industrial hygiene services for you.

They will always use industry-standard sampling and analysis methodologies, in accordance with the following associations:

  • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
  • National Institute of Safety & Health (NIOSH)

And to help you ensure that you meet all your compliance requirements, SCS employs IH personnel who are experts in the industrial hygiene requirements set out in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety ActRegulation, and Code.