Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) (4 hours)


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*Regular Course:$85.00/person Saturday Course: $95.00
Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Canada is a practice that is tightly controlled by federal legislation, and requires careful adherence and compliance to the federal laws that govern it. Our classroom-based industrial safety training courses for Danatec’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods(TDG) course provide a firm grounding in the legal responsibilities of employer, employee, shipper/receiver, and anyone handling the transport of hazardous substances.

Through our TDG courses your employees will review:

  • The 9 classes of Dangerous Goods and their sub-classes.
  • How to identify the classes of Dangerous Goods and what their primary hazards are.
  • How to correctly placard Dangerous Goods shipments.
  • Federal legislation that governs the transportation of dangerous goods and the obligations of the shipper, receiver, and driver under the law.
  • Provincial and municipal regulation that may affect Dangerous Goods shipping.
  • How to read and prepare a legal Dangerous Goods shipping label or waybill.
  • When TDG does (and does not) apply to a shipment.

Our classroom-based Transportation of Dangerous Goods course is a 4-hour course and offers ample opportunity for students to speak with an instructor in detail concerning specific dangerous goods and hazardous materials. This course includes a self-study guide, a pocket handbook to keep, and a certification of completion.*

Protect your workers, protect your company, protect yourself, and protect the public: Transportation of Dangerous Goods isn´t just a system, it´s the law. Violation of the TDG Act can carry fines and jail time. Individuals transporting hazardous materials forfeit many civil rights. Have your workers trained and re-trained every three years in our TDG courses.

*: By mandate of the TDG Act, the employer is considered the certifying body for the purposes of certification. The training certificate is not valid until signed off on by a designated employee representative of the employer. If a worker is self-employed, they may sign their own TDG certificate. The TDG Act mandates retraining every 3 years. TDG certification does not transfer between employers; your new employer must either re-train the worker in Transportation of Dangerous Goods or agree to sign off on the pre-existing certification.

**: As above, this certification is not valid until signed off on by the employer, as per the TDG Act in Canada.


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