St. John’s CPR – Level A and C

Product Description

This course is offered by SCS and is a St.John’s certified course. Safety Coordination Services offers stand-alone CPR training intended for use on casualties of different levels. CPR techniques must be adjusted to accommodate children and infants, and the first aid techniques taught for use on adults are not always appropriate when dealing with a child in a cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary emergency.

Level A CPR, sometimes called a “HeartSaver” program, is a four-hour stand-alone CPR program that teaches students how to perform Emergency Scene Management, Artificial Respiration, First Aid for Choking, and One-Rescuer CPR for Adults.

Level C CPR, sometimes called “Basic Rescuer” CPR, teaches the above and adds CPR skills intended for use on infants (less than one year) and children (one year to eight years). Additionally, Two-Rescuer CPR techniques are included in the course, allowing a team of first aid responders to perform CPR more effectively and for longer continuous periods.

It is recommended that individuals with children at home, or who work in childcare, seek Level C CPR training. Likewise, for rescuers who may be required to perform CPR on-site where ambulance response time is measured in hours, Level C CPR’s Two Rescuer CPR techniques can permit for continuous, effective CPR for indefinite periods, limited only by the number of rescuers available.


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