SCS Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (3 Hours)



Product Description

This three (3) hour supplied air breathing apparatus program designed by Safety Coordination Services is the entry level program for use of SABA within industry. This course is the introduction to SABA operations, maintenance, inspection and standards governing SABA. This course consists of both classroom as well as practical field instruction, with an emphasis on personal safety. The student will learn new technologies surrounding SABA, components of a SABA system, operation and use of SABA, and use and familiarization of air trailer systems. This program provides the student with the foundation skills to confidently use a supplied air breathing apparatus in the appropriate environment. Special attention shall be given to personal safety.

This course will give the student the personal skills to effectively and efficiently use a supplied air breathing apparatus, providing that standards and legislation are adhered to. Bi yearly internal training is recommended to maintain skills in inspection, maintenance and use of SABA.

This course covers the following topics

  • Personal safety.
  • Breathing apparatus limitations.
  • Standards and legislation for SABA.
  • Basic SABA inspection.
  • Basic SABA maintenance.
  • Stand-alone personal alarm safety systems.
  • SABA operations.
  • SABA selection.
  • Air trailer use and familiarization.
  • Safety checks.
  • Heads-up display (HUD).
  • Donning and doffing.
  • Buddy breathing (Air equalization measures).

Students will be issued a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of a written exam and demonstrated practical skills. Full attendance is mandatory for completion.


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