Radio Communications Seminar (5 Hours)


Product Description

This five (5) hour radio communications seminar will provide the knowledge and practical skills for the student to effectively communicate using a two-way radio system. Safety Coordination Services’ has designed this course to allow students to access and familiarize them with both handheld and stationary two-way radio communication equipment. This course consists of both classroom as well as practical field instruction, with an emphasis on personal skills. The student will learn basic radio operation, communication skills, and emergency and non-emergency radio use. This program provides the student with the foundation skills to operate a two-way radio system efficiently and effectively. Special attention shall be given to radio communication skills.

This two-way radio communications seminar is not meant to replace any existing two-way radio procedure currently in use. This program is designed to establish proper emergency and non-emergency use of a two-way radio by personnel. This program will give the student the personal skills to effectively communicate when utilizing a two-way radio.

This seminar covers the following topics:

  • Communication styles.
  • Communication model process.
  • Communication model.
  • Rules of good radio communications.
  • Communication barriers.
  • Effective listening.
  • Rules of good listening.
  • Communications policies.
  • Communications procedures.
  • Communications exercise.
  • Radio operations and etiquette.
  • Emergency and non-emergency radio use.
  • Radio maintenance.

Students will be issued a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of a written exam and demonstrated practical skills. Full attendance is mandatory for completion.


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