OSSA Fire Watch (8 hours)


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*Regular Course:$180.00/person Saturday Course: $220.00

Supervisors and workers participating in ‘hot work’ must ensure that the risks of fires and explosions are eliminated or controlled. Safety Coordination Services offers Fire Watch training suitable for workers in all industries in Alberta, ensuring supervisors and workers have the training and skills necessary to predict, prevent, and control fires and sources of ignition from occurring.
This course is certified by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA)™ and is recognized on all OSSA™-partnership worksites in northern Alberta.
Participants of this one-day course will learn:

  • The applicable legislation and standards. ­ What legislation applies in Alberta, and Canada-wide, to hot work and potential sources of ignition?
  • Fire Watch planning. ­ How to plan for hot work and appropriate supervision of the site, what hazards to anticipate and test for, and emergency planning in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Hot Work Preparation. ­ How to prepare for hot work and what steps are undertaken for fire and ignition control.
  • Fire Behavior. ­ How fires start, how they spread, and what behavior to expect once ignition has occurred.
  • Hands-on training with Fire Extinguisher equipment. ­ How to operate and deploy a fire extinguisher, and physical exercise in discharge of an extinguisher. (Using either a fire simulator or a live fire pan.)

Protect your workers and your workplace when conducting hot work; and be prepared for fires and emergencies through our OSSA™ certified Fire Watch program.


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