OSSA Fall Protection (8 hours)


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*Regular Course:$180.00/person Saturday Course: $220.00

Workers at heights require training and appropriate fall protection systems to meet the standards of due diligence. Fall protection is more than just wearing a harness and lifeline; it encompasses the systems of fall protection that begin with eliminating the hazard where possible, engineering it away, or applying administrative controls. Personal Protective Equipment such as a harness and lifeline is always a last resort.

Our 8-hour Fall Protection program provides a comprehensive overview of the legislation and best working practices that apply to working at heights. Participants will learn:

  • Legislative Standards
  • Fall Hazards and Controls
  • Administrative Controls (Fall Protection Planning and Rescue Planning)
  • Engineering Controls (Fall Prevention & Containment Systems)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (correct selection and use of PPE)
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Fall Protection Systems and Components
  • Calculation of Free Fall Distance, Total Fall Distance and Minimum Required Clearance
  • Donning & Use of Fall Arrest Components
  • The physiological effects of being suspended in a fall arrest harness

Our Fall Protection training course also includes a physical training component; students will be taught to fit and adjust their harness, hang from a fall protection system tripod, and explore self-rescue techniques.


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