OSSA Elevated Work Platform (8 hours)


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Workers who operate Elevated Work Platforms must have suitable technical training to use these items of heavy equipment in a safe, effective manner. Safety Coordination Services offers Elevated Work Platform training suitable for workers in all industries in Alberta, ensuring workers have the training and skills necessary to drive, set up, operate, and work safely from Elevated Work Platforms of all types.

This Elevated Work Platform course is certified by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA)™ and is recognized on all OSSA™ partnership worksites in northern Alberta.

Participants of this one-day course (8 instructional hours) will learn:

  • Legislative Standards. ­ What legislation applies in Alberta, and Canada-wide, to the use and deployment of Elevated Work Platforms, and their regulations and hazards? What industry-specific codes of practice are in place?
  • Fall Hazards and Controls — How to recognize, quantify, and control a fall hazard.
  • Load Limitations and Calculations. ­ How to determine load limitations and calculate them.
  • Machine Specific Features. ­ What features are unique to each type of elevated work platform?
  • Personal Protective Equipment as it applies to Elevated Work Platforms. ­ What personal protective equipment is needed for workers at heights, and those driving or operating these Elevated Work Platforms?
  • Factors Affecting Stability. ­ What factors can affect the stability of an Elevated Work Platform, and what can be done to improve stability of the lift.
  • Elevated Work Platform Types. ­ The major types and designs of Elevated Work Platforms, and their operating and technical differences.
  • Elevated Work Platform System Components. ­ The major components of an Elevated Work Platform, their function, and points of inspection to examine prior and after use.
  • Inspection & Maintenance of Elevated Work Platforms and relevant components.

Mobile lifts and powered lifts present a serious risk of injury or death in the event of accidents or untrained use; be prepared for through our OSSA™-certified Elevated Work Platform program.


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