Forklift Training (8 hour)


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*Regular Course:$175.00/person Saturday Course: Quote

Safety Coordination Services offers our own Forklift Training for workers and operators in the warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and upstream oil and gas industry. Workers who operate forklifts need specialized training in the handling and operation of these uniquely hazardous pieces of heavy equipment.
Heavy equipment operation such as fork lifts, lift trucks, skid steers, all require an understanding of their unique hazards and handling. Our Forklift Training course includes a practical training component allowing for workers to learn to handle a forklift and drive it in a simulated work environment.

      Participants will learn:

      • Theory and practical components of lift truck, forklift, and skid steer operation.
      • Important aspects of lift truck operation, safety considerations, and center of balance guidelines.
      • Students will be required to demonstrate practical lift truck operation skills and prove competence in a simulated work environment.

Successful participants will receive a certificate of successful completion at the end of this one-day course.


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