Enhanced Supervisory Performance


Product Description

Course Length: 8 Hours
*Regular Course:$350.00/person

The Enhanced Supervisory Performance training program offered by Safety Coordination Services is intended for front-line and field supervisors. This intensive program is designed to improve supervisory performance at all levels of the job, from the basic act of supervision, on up to the execution of detailed operational plans. This 8-hour intensive course includes practical training and classroom learning, and will require additional time outside of classroom hours to exercise newfound skills.
Students will learn:

  • Position descriptions and responsibilities.
  • Performance Standards and Evaluation Reporting Structure.
  • Grievance Procedures.
  • Successive Disciplinary Action.
  • Limits of Authority.
  • Job Specific Responsibilities.
  • Perception and Decision Making.
  • Basic Psychology of Communication. (The Hawthorne study, Maslow’s theory)
  • Job Performance Coaching. (Improving Employee Performance)
  • Using Tools for Evaluating Employee Performance and Productivity. (Systematic Causal Analysis Tool, Performance Tracking, Problem Solving, Goal Setting)

Upon successful completion of the Enhancing Supervisory Performance course, students will receive a certificate of participation.

This course is part of the Det Norske Veritas Practical Leadership Skills series. Please note that there is a follow-up session to this course, seeEnhanced Supervisory Performance Follow Up.


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