Confined Space Rescue (16 hours)


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*2-day Course:$330.00/person. Please call for availability
Confined Space Rescue requires professionally trained rescuers, prepared and practiced for dealing with the unique challenges that come with attempting rescue for injured or ill workers in confined spaces. Safety Coordination Services Technical Training Division provides comprehensive training and practical exercise for workers wishing to be qualified for confined space rescues.

Our two-day course is designed for individuals required to work within a confined space, and who may be required to affect a rescue attempt in the event of an emergency.

Participants will learn:

  • Hazards of confined spaces. ­ What are the known hazards of a confined space, and how can we check for their presence?
  • Preparation for entry. ­ What steps must be taken to prepare for entry into a confined space where rescue is required?
  • Working in confined spaces. ­ How does work in a confined space proceed, and how can it affect the rescue effort?
  • Use of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) or SABA (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) ­ How and when are these breathing apparatus used, and for which rescues are they appropriate for?
  • Rescue Techniques. ­ What rescue techniques are used in confined spaces, and when are they chosen? How are they performed? (Physical technical exercise included.)
  • Post-entry debriefing. ­ How is a report performed for a confined space rescue incident, and what information is critical?
  • Confined Space Rescue practical training. ­ A practical training rescue exercise for workers, providing opportunity to practice training techniques in a confined space simulation.
  • Simulated Rescue Scenario Exercises. ­ A practical training rescue exercise for workers, providing exercise in simulated rescues on live volunteers and dummies.
  • Rescue Carry Technique Exercises. ­ A practical training exercise for the practice of various rescue carry techniques suitable for one, two, and four-man rescue carries for injured or unconscious casualties.


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